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Poultry is one of the areas that play an important role in providing food for the population. It is known that from ancient times poultry farming existed in households, and only later it was formed and developed as an independent branch of agriculture.

Special attention and care is shown to the development of this field in our country. That's why, today poultry farms have a special role in providing the population of the region with poultry meat and eggs at the expense of domestic production. Along with the measures taken to increase the production of chicken meat and eggs in households and small businesses, modern poultry factories are being established, the old ones are being reconstructed at the expense of soft loans provided by the state. One of such enterprises is the poultry farm breeding in the direction of the ovary "Azeed Agro" Limited Liability Company, which started operating in 2020. The commissioning of a breeding poultry farm in the direction of ovaries is a continuation of the measures taken to provide food security in our country. This farm, established with state support, is designed for the development of poultry farming. So that, the commissioning of the new farm will remove dependence on imports, protecting the domestic market, as well as meet the needs of poultry farms operating in this field for breeding eggs and provide profitability.

We should note that, irrigation, feeding, cleaning, opening and closing of windows, air purification are carried out in the workshops in an automated manner. Periodic zootechnical and zoo veterinarian controls are carried out, which promotes the healthy development of birds.

As we have noted, the enterprise also has a breeding area, which is great importance for poultry farms. The incubation equipment here plays an important role in providing the farms with chickens. The starting of operating of each farm, of course, plays an important role in providing the employment of the country's population.
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