Mission and vision

Ana səhifə Mission and vision

The main purpose of the concept consists of development of agriculture, modernization of rural areas and modernization of production, providing food security of the country through local resources and increase of the production of import-oriented products, joining production-processing chain into a single production space, providing the mutual development of the agricultural sector through joint production potential and resources.

In order to achieve the main goal, the goals of the Ujar region agro-park development concept are as follows:

  • To organize the management of the agro-park by establishing a legal entity (individual carrying out entrepreneurial activity without establishing a legal entity);
  • To form the legal base of the agro-park;
  • To create a closed chain of scientific-research-production-processing-logistics-sales and, as a result, to provide competitiveness by uniting around common problems and general interests;
  • To achieve providing the domestic market with local products, and strengthening national brands and export potential;
  • To create conditions for the application of modern technologies, to increase the coefficient of use of techniques and thus to minimize joint costs;
  • To create equal contractual relations between the producer and the processor;
  • To create conditions for working with the potential capacity of processing enterprises and providing continuity in the production process;
  • To provide the supply of products from local producers and their sale under a single brand;
  • To protect the ecological balance, to provide their protection through the effective use of water and land resources;
  • To provide training-education services in order to stimulate staff training in agriculture and food industry;
  • To collect various activities on food production in one place and create a single system of self-sufficiency;
  • With the right area selection, to reduce basically the need for transport services and additional transport infrastructure for the transportation of both ready products and raw materials;
  • To simplify the access of relevant business entities to the market of both resources and products in the field of operation of producers, providers and suppliers in the same area;
  • To form a competitive food production system according to modern requirements through the organization of an effective business strategy and innovative technologies;
  • To improve area, road-transport, management, social infrastructure;
  • To provide gas, heat, communication, electricity, water and sewage supply facilities and devices important for the operation of engineering-communication provision-infrastructure facilities' being continuous, high-quality, constantly working;
  • To provide innovative development experience based on the knowledge of developed countries and study of problems , their use in the implementation of development strategies;
  • To exchange scientific and technological innovative experience with different countries of the world in order to develop the ecosystem in the area
  • To create suitable conditions for financing the agricultural sector, attracting and promoting investments and to provide the implementation of relevant organizational work;
  • To enlarge the opportunities to provide the demand for food products through domestic production through new production powers to be organized on the basis of modern technologies;
  • To use Azofost K fertilizer and layer stimulants regulating the amount of nutrients to increase the productivity of cotton, corn, barley, wheat and alfalfa to be grown in the sown areas (this fertilizer and layer stimulator was created at the Institute of Petrochemical Processes of ANAS and passed field tests and received a positive result. Production of the mentioned fertilizer and layer stimulator is currently carried out by “INKOR” LLC, a resident of the High Technology Park of ANAS);
  • To provide accordance of food products with food safety standards as a result of product quality management system and other control measures;
  • To provide the development of small business, to create new workplaces and to provide the export of agricultural and other food products produced in the region to domestic and foreign markets under a single brand name.
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