Ana səhifə Hothouse
Greenhouse(hothouse) - a covered area for growing vegetables, trees and shrubs. Greenhouses are heated by water, steam or electricity. They are placed vertically from east to west in a sunny area protected from the wind. For this, a certain depth of soil was dug in the ground and the walls were made of stone, iron, concrete, wood, etc. materials, and the surface is covered with glass and slatted frames. Greenhouse plants are vegetable plants grown in greenhouses to get farash vegetable product and seeds (styles) of some plants. Cabbage, cucumber, tomato, radish, dill, coriander, pepper, etc., as well as some flowering plants are grown. The main care consists of meeting their needs for light, humidity, heat, giving feeding fertilizer, struggling disease and pest. For this, the seeds of these plants are sown in greenhouses from February, and then the growing stems are transferred to the open field.

Azerbaijan is strengthening its position in the world market with its quality products. In this row, the number of products belonging to the non-oil sector is growing. Exports of products in this sector increased by 10 percent, which is a proud achievement. But, our export potential is great and it should be used as much as possible.

Now our country exports more fruits and vegetables to foreign markets. Cucumbers, tomatoes, dates, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, grapes, pomegranates and juices are eagerly purchased by importers. Greenhouse products are especially valued in the markets of the Russian Federation and other countries.

So, over time, Azerbaijan is strengthening its position in the world market with different types and assortments of products. This allows it to join the ranks of the most developed countries in the world.
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