Ana səhifə Livestock
The development of intensive livestock has provided an increase in meat and milk production in our country. Over the past 10 years, the formation of a management system that meets modern requirements in the field of animal husbandry, the introduction of a closed feeding system, the establishment of farm complexes for the breeding of animals as a healthy breed has increased interest in intensive cattle breeding. So that, livestock complexes meeting modern requirements have been created, and serious changes have been achieved in this area with the introduction of breeding and productive animals provided to entrepreneurs on preferential terms through the state line.

Currently, the country's annual demand for milk and dairy products is about 2 million tons, of which about 90 percent is formed by local production and there is no dependence on imports. Over the past 10 years, the country's annual milk production has increased from 1.5 million tons to 2 million tons. At the next stage, the sale of breeding animals bred on new livestock farms to individual farmers and households is expected to improve the country's gender composition and increase the production of meat and dairy products. With the establishment of a system for the sale of animals raised by intensive breeding farms to local farmers and households, the decrease of imports of breeding animals from abroad will be provided.

In the next years improving the ability of farmers to provide part of the fodder supply of closed farms by themselves , conclusion of long-term contracts between dairy processing enterprises and dairy farms (currently this contract is concluded mainly for 3 months) , and mutual formation of pricing policy related to the cost of milk production are the main factors that will provide the development of livestock farms.
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