Ana səhifə Agriculture
The natural and geographical conditions of Azerbaijan have created favorable conditions for the development of agricultural culture here since ancient times. The end of the 3rd millennium BC and the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC agricultural tools belonging to the Bronze Age give information about the transition of from mattock farming to wooden plough farming.

In the 19th century, cereals farming in Azerbaijan - wheat, barley, paddy, and partially, corn and millet cultivation dominated. In order to increase the fertility of the land, the traditional rules inherited from the ancestors were followed. Tired lands were left to rest, and other vacant lands were cultivated in turn. 

In modern times, the State's special attention to agriculture, as in other areas, has accelerated the development of this area.

Bringing new equipments to the country has stimulated the development of agriculture. This care and financial allocation of the state has led to the expansion of arable lands and the growing interest of farmers in this work.
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