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The agro-climatic conditions of Ujar region, open wide opportunities for the production of ecologically clean, in natural ways, high-quality and harmless food products in the area.  One of the important tasks set by the President is to carry out the necessary activities for the presence of such products in foreign markets.   Cooperation between the processing industry and primary production is the most optimal form of farming for the transition from individualism  to large-scale production in agriculture.

In general, the processing industry is important for the development of agriculture, modernization of rural areas and modernization of production. The processing industry plays a locomotive role in the development of agricultural production. The integration of raw materials production with the processing industry, through domestic opportunities and local resources, promises great prospects for providing the country's food security and increasing the production of import-oriented products.  A new approach in the direction of providing food security and modernization of agriculture, the agro-industrial complex as a whole - consists of putting forward the concept of creating agro-parks. 

The establishment of the Ujar region agro-park, mainly, will meet needs of agriculture, horticulture, poultry and livestock for raw materials, as well as to reduce to a maximum food imports and expand the export potential of agricultural products.
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